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Reduce Employee Absence By 10%!

Is Employee Absence a Problem in Your Business? Do you experience any of the following?

  • High employee turnover
  • High overtime costs
  • Delays in processing customer orders
  • Missed deadlines
  • Delayed payments
  • Failure to focus on business goals due to fire fighting absence issues

Have you avoided managing employee absence because it’s not important to you or you don’t believe you have a problem, it could be you just don’t see any benefit to it in your business?

Consider what impression this presents to your employees.

Many times clients have come to me asking how they ‘get rid’ of an employee who is always off sick, always making excuses and generally becoming a strain on the team. The key is to implement an absence procedure makes your business run more efficiently.

“We know that, we’ve heard it all before”

This is where we come in as we have the experience and time to invest in your business – we will help you as little or as much as you need but either way we will help you reduce your absence rate and increase your profits.

CIPDCIPD Absence Management Survey 2015

According to the CIPD Absence Management Survey 2015 the median absence cost per employee is £554, manufacturing and production experienced an average of 6.6 days lost to absence per employee with the private sector at 8.2 days per employee.

Now put this into context with your workforce and consider:

  • Can you really afford to lose this number of days per employee?
  • How much does it actually cost you in comparison to the average?
  • How does the work get covered and what effect is this having on the rest of your employees?

Having Jude Read-HR Consultancy manage your absence will be worth the investment, try us and see for yourself!

How We Will Help…

  • Calculate your absence rate and compare it to the national average
  • Review your absence policy
  • Identify areas and patterns of absence
  • Provide a manager refresher course for managing absence
  • Implement a robust absence management procedure
  • Communicate to your employees

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